Justin Lewis

Justin Lewis is a Collegiate Initiative Co-Chair for NSBE Houston Professionals  and coordinates all aspects of collegiate partnership, including mentorship, academic empowerment and financial support via scholarships.

Justin is a certified B-Cert Engineer who holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering with a certificate in Construction Engineering/Project Management from Texas A&M University. He is also a qualified Life Agent in the State of Texas.

Justin works in the Oil and Gas Industry, having spent six years at Bechtel Corporation now as a Contracts Formation Specialist where he executes the entire Bid-Evaluation-Award cycle including prequalification, Request FP preparation, negotiations, commercial evaluations, award and turnover of subcontracts for field administration.

Justin’s goal this year as Collegiate Initiative Co-Chair is to facilitate better relationships with collegiate chapters, support local chapters, and host a successful AWFE and RLSP event.

Justin has been a member of NSBE for seven years and what makes NSBE great to him is the opportunity it gives kids to develop real-world leadership skills, in addition to being a support system academically and financially for students.

In his spare time, Justin enjoys spending time with loved ones, traveling and editing videos.