Deitrick Franklin

Deitrick Franklin is the Membership Co-Chair for NSBE Houston Professionals and he coordinates all aspects of membership engagement, including recruitment, acquisition, and retention of members through dedicated membership events.

Deitrick is a certified White Belt in Lean Six Sigma who holds a M.S and B.S. from Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Pittsburgh, respectively.

Deitrick works in the energy industry, having spent 4 years at Chevron as a Facilities Engineer  where he currently manages a Deepwater Support Center that focuses on Floating Structures Integrity Management.

Deitrick’s goal this year as Membership Co-Chair is to retain and increase existing membership, coordinate new “members only” events, and encourage members to be ambassadors for NSBE HP in their work and personal lives.

Deitrick has been a member of NSBE for over 10 years and what makes NSBE great to him is that NSBE highlights the importance of diversity and the added value it can create when diverse people, from all backgrounds, are provided opportunities!

In his spare time, Deitrick  enjoys playing billiards & traveling.