Kisha Browning

Kisha Browning is the 2017-2018 Parliamentarian for NSBE Houston Professionals. She is originally from Ohio and attended Case Western Reserve University until she transferred to Syracuse University where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Kisha earned her Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering degree from Texas A&M University. While working on her thesis, she accepted a project engineering role in Illinois.

After graduation, she accepted a similar role for Pepperidge Farm in Connecticut. After 3 years in that position, Kisha moved to Indiana and worked in Quality for 5 years. She then went back to school and obtained an MBA in 2012 from Indiana Institute of Technology in Fort Wayne. In 2013, she relocated to the Houston area with her husband. Kisha looks forward to working with the executive board members and getting involved with NSBE on the local level.