Shumphert Holbert II

Shumphert Holbert II is the Pre-College Initiative Chair for  NSBE Houston Professionals  and develops, manages, & coordinates programs/activities for Houston & surrounding area students in grades 3 – 12.

Shumphert holds an Electronics Engineering Technology degree from Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, LA.

Shumphert works in the oil & gas industry, having spent 3 years at Weatherford as a Certification Manager  where he  oversees a group of Certification Engineers & the group’s budget and manages the daily operations of product safety certification approvals for Weatherford’s global equipment business.

Shumphert’s goal this year as Pre-College Initiative Chair is to continue to elevate the level of programs & activities offered at PCI’s signature event, Fresh Start.  Another goal for this year will be to create partnerships with local schools to help promote, inspire, and facilitate growth among area students who aspire to pursue careers in STEM. Lastly, Shumphert will seek to create more sustaining signature events and programs that area students can look forward to participating in semesterly/yearly.

Shumphert has been a member of NSBE for 3 years and what makes NSBE great to him is the promotion of STEM careers to students who haven’t had the exposure, the commitment to continue to fuel the interest of students in STEM, and the positive influence of NSBE members & peers.

In his spare time, Shumphert  enjoys being a Disc Jockey & traveling.