Laura Spears

Laura Spears serves as the 2017 – 2018 NSBE Houston Professionals Professional Development Chair.

Laura graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. She has over 17+

years demonstrated working history in Quality Management, Lean Kaizen, 6-Sigma & Mechanical

Engineering disciplines in the oil & gas, automotive, aeroderivative gas turbine and printer imaging

industries. She holds certifications as a Quality Manager, 6-Sigma Black Belt, Lean Leader, ISO 9001:2015

and API Q1.

Laura first became involved in NSBE at the University of Kentucky in undergrad. She attended numerous

National NSBE conventions and enjoyed interfacing with NSBE professionals nationally. Historically, she

served as the NSBE Houston Alumni Extension Public Relations Chair in 2009. Laura is an advocate of

personal continuous improvement in learning and is passionate about helping NSBE professionals

develop in all areas of their career.

Laura was born in New York and grew up in Tennessee. Laura’s heritage is a background of Trinidadian

and Philippine cultures. She also lived in Italy for 3.5 years where she first became interested in the arts,

architecture and engineering while in elementary school. She is an advocate for children understanding

the importance of higher education and learning about opportunities in engineering, science and

business disciplines.