Yasmeen Belhseine

Yasmeen is the Professional Development Co-Chair for NSBE Houston Professionals. She coordinates all aspects of professional development, which includes technical development, personal development and career development.

Yasmeen Belhseine has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).

Yasmeen Belhseine  works in the Energy Industry, and is a new hire at ExxonMobil serving as the Basestocks and Specialties Supply Coordinator  where he/she  manages supply operations across various plants and trade lanes, optimizes the supply chain through projects and initiatives, and maintains the integrity of their products.

Yasmeen Belhseines goal this year as PCI Co-Chair is to facilitate programming aimed at helping students create identities in STEM, focus on retention of students that come through our programs, and create collaborative programs with College Initiative and Professional Development chairs.

Yasmeen Belhseine just joined NSBE professionals this year, but was a member of NSBE in college. What makes NSBE great to her is the community of flourishing black professional engineers and the efforts made to lift the community up as we climb.

In her/his spare time, Yasmeen Belhseine  enjoys traveling & spending quality time with friends and family.