Increase your AmazonSmile donations on Prime Day

Hey NSBE HP fam,

Today at 2 PM Central begins Amazon’s Prime Day which means deals, deals, deals! If you happen to be online shopping, please remember to support NSBE HP through AmazonSmile.

By going to this link and signing in to your Amazon account, 0.5% of your checkout amount will be donated to our general reserve fund. Thank you for your membership, donations and time!! FAQs and an email chain related to PrimeDay can be viewed below.


Q: Is this just for Prime Day/AmazonSmile/CyberMonday?

A: This is any time of the year but it is appropriate to re-visit this information on Cyber Monday (November), Smile Day (March) and Prime Day (July)

Q: What if I already purchased something on Amazon prior to this message?

A: Any orders without the above link will not generate any NSBE HP revenue. If you have the time and patience, a workaround would be to:

  1. Cancel your existing order
  2. Sign in using the method above and,
  3. Renew your order.

Q: Will NSBE HP see what I’ve purchased?

A: Nope. At the end of the month, I get an email saying how much money was generated and that’s it.

Q: What if I return an item – will NSBE HP still get the funds?

A: No. But no big deal – Just think of us next time!